Apple pie La Mode

Apple pie La Mode

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Apple Pie La Mode is one of our most popular blends. Sweet and savory, thanks to the Apple Bits and Cinnamon.  Apple Pie La Mode is a Tisane Tea, which means its an infusion of dried herbs and contains some medicinal benefits. You won't need much to get an amazing cup of tea. Apple Pie La Mode tastes, looks and smells good. It is sure to have you looking and feeling good as well. 

TEA Details: 

*Net Weight: 1 Ounce 

*Servings: 10-12 single servings of Tea 

*Caffeine Free



Dried Apple Bits & Cinnamon Chips



Like your Grandma's Apple Pie 


Pairs Well With: 

Our 24k Gold Infused Honey 

*Early Mornings and Late Nights 

* Your favorite Vouge Magazine